About me

Alex Seifert
Web Designer & Developer

As a freelance web designer and developer, I create real web solutions that fit any situation. Whether you need a website for a business or organization, a blog or just a personal online presence, I will provide a complete solution that will fit your needs to a T.


I created my first website over 15 years ago. Those were the days of Windows 98, Mac OS 9, Netscape 4 and an Internet whose primary purpose was to display static pages of information.


When most people think of programming, what comes to mind is endless lines of convoluted code containing algorithms that produce a mathematically precise output. While that, of course, is a large part of programming, there is also a lesser-known creative side.


Passion fuels creativity. Web design is an art form that requires just as much passion as painting a gorgeous landscape or writing a thrilling novel. It starts with a blank white canvas that is transformed through code and love of design into a work of digital art.

Made in Bavaria


Basic Website

A basic website is a simple online presence that displays information about you or your company. It is not a blog and has very little interactive content. This is a perfect option for individuals or small businesses that do not need much more than a few images and paragraphs about themselves as well as some basic information such as how they can be found or contacted. Basic websites cannot be updated by the client, but will each receive a custom, responsive (i.e. mobile) design that fit the client’s brand and image.

WordPress Website

WordPress is the perfect way to setup a website that is easy to manage by the client. The software includes the ability to run a blog or news page with posts as well as to create and edit pages on your website — all without any technical know-how whatsoever. For small companies with several employees, it also features the ability to add multiple users with varying permissions. Many of the world's largest and most visited websites are built upon WordPress proving its stability and reliability.

Custom Package

Of course every website is different depending on the needs of the client making it sometimes necessary to go beyond a basic or a WordPress website. There are many other options out there for creating websites and if you feel that the packages on offer are not a fitting solution for your needs, I also offer a custom package which will be designed to your specifications. Please contact me for more details.

Linux Server Administration

Server administration is a crucial piece of any website. Whether it's a small, personal website or a large, complex e-commerce web application, server administration plays a vital role. Linux is the most popular operating system for servers. It is free, modular, efficient, secure and flexible. I offer server administration services for both companies and individuals running or needing Linux-based servers.


In order to reach the broadest set of customers, your website should be offered in multiple languages. Through a partner, I offer translations of your website into and from four different languages: English, German, French and Spanish. We work closely together in order to assure that the content of your website is accurately translated while remaining true to the original design.



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